Public Entrance Examination Coaching Scheme (PEECS)

A high percentage of students of the Higher Secondary Schools in Kerala come from the rural background. They do not have the financial capability to attend coaching classes to prepare for the Entrance Examinations for admission to Professional Degree Courses. So they are not able to score high marks in the Entrance Examination, on various grounds. However, they score very high marks in the Qualifying Examinations.

The proposed Public Entrance Examination Coaching Scheme (PEECS) aims at imparting training to students of Government/Aided Higher Secondary Schools in Kerala, free of cost, to prepare for Entrance Examinations.

This will be by way of telecasting of classes with the help of experts in various subjects based on the syllabi of the Entrance Examinations, providing the facility for the students to interact with experts and clear their doubts, attend practice tests etc.

The classes are to be telecast during the school hours through VICTERS Channel. Students will be able to watch the telecast with their teachers. There will be a repeat telecast in the evening/night.

There will be a website for PEECS where students will have to register to use the facilities. They will take practice tests at this website. They will also get the facility to get answers for the questions in the test, post questions related to the topic to the resource person and get the answers etc. The students will be able to track their performance too. There is also a proposal to set up a Question Bank with the assistance of expert faculty.

More details will be available soon.